About the Artist - Carolyn Hutchison
I graduated from Duke University in 1981 after satisfying the degree requirements for Sociology and Spanish. While in college, I also studied art and loved time in the studio. If I had been more courageous, I would have allowed myself to pursue a more artistic career. However, at the time, I thought it would be "safer" to choose a career that provided a consistent paycheck. As a result, I began working for the Carrboro Police Department in 1984 as an entry level police officer. Throughout my career, I was promoted many times and eventually became the police chief. I retired in 2013 after 29 years of service and am grateful that I now have time to explore my "inner artist."

I create faces (and sometimes other images) from found and acquired objects that might otherwise be landfill-bound: broken, rusty, and other "worthless" tools; recycled plumbing and electrical equipment; discarded wood pieces and old barn wood; various materials trashed at construction sites; thrift shop treasures; and some unidentified pieces and parts that I find in my daily path. I look at these items and see eyes, noses, ears, hair, and mouths... and anything else one might associate with a face.

When I create a face, I choose pieces and parts that "fit" together.

Sometimes, before I'm finished, the name of the piece comes to me and informs the rest of my creative process. Other times, the face appears first and its name follows. To me, each piece has its own "personality." I think of my work as "facelyfts" in that I create faces using materials lifted from my environment. Each face is unique.

I enjoy the "making faces" process and hope that my facelyfts cause people to smile and appreciate life's simple pleasures.

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